10 ‘Poorest’ Members of Congress Owe Big


The 50 Richest Members of Congress. This list is drawn from Roll Call’s most recent Wealth of Congress study, using data from the end of 2016. In fact, the 50 listed here are likely to be even.

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 · Members of Congress make $174,000 a year, but maintaining a residence in the neighborhoods around the U.S. Capitol can easily cost approximately $2,000 a month. That’s a waste of money, these members said, if you’re only staying in Washington a few nights a week – and keeping a house in your home state.

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Although most immigrants are not poor, nationally 20 percent live below the poverty line, compared with 16 percent of native-born citizens.10. In particular, Congress has set a yearly limit on the number of new permanent.. from a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident family member receiving income.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg: "It’s also about the presidency itself, because a president 10 years or 100 years from now will look.

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Federal workers across the fruited plain owe more than $1 billion in back taxes. That’s bad enough. But now comes the news that congressional employees owe more than $9.3 million. The debt among Hill employees has risen at a faster rate than the overall tax debt on the government’s books.

Last month, we showed you the richest member of Congress in each state. But not all of our senators and representatives are multimillionaires – far from it (click to enlarge): CQ Roll Call used.

“Uncertainty is taking its toll on the global economy,” economists at the Toronto-based Bank of Nova Scotia said in their.

WHAT PELOSI SAID ON YESTERDAY’S DEM CAUCUS CALL. “As I’ve said, we all agree: nobody came to Congress to impeach a President. boycott the proceedings-or, when the big day of the vote arrived,