Bye Bye Student Loans?

Student loan debt has risen 130% since 2008, and now makes up 42% of all consumer debt. In fact, last quarter, financial loan debt surpassed credit card and medical debt, and is now second only to mortgage debt, the cause of the last recession 10 years ago.

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Between cosigning a student loan and taking our parent loans on your own, consider which is the better fit for your financial future. Ultimately, student loans for parents allow borrowers to pay for college costs and control future repayment if necessary.

5 Little-Known Ways to Get Your Student Loans Forgiven More If you’re like most people, your student loans probably feel a bit like a ball and chain that you’ve been dragging through your life for.

Say BYE to student loan debt and HELLO to your financial freedom. Learn how we can help you eliminate your student loans now!

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“Bye Bye Bye” debt: debt free motivation playlist. Trying to pay off debt but having a hard time staying motivated? There is no better motivator.

Bye bye scholarship only good for 4 years. Don’t ignore the schools that pay you to go. Your financial aid package should definitely be one of the determining factors for where you study. Student loans are not for buying cars ( seriously I saw a shirt in college that said Sallie Mae paid for my car, I was like what does that mean?

 · Smith & Nephew, ServiceMaster staffers create student loan debt program. Bye Student Debt LLC’s effort to eliminate student loan debt comes as the City of Memphis partners with Santa Monica-based, a student loan management company, to begin paying down city employees’ student loan debt.

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Here's how to painlessly speed up debt-reduction efforts.. but these institutions enable most if not all of their students to graduate debt-free.

Many college graduates leave school with looming student loan payments. Unfortunately, in today’s economy, finding a job after graduation that allows students to pay them off isn’t easy to find. However, there are some options available which will put the graduate in a position to have their student loans forgiven.