Just the facts, ma’am

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Just a minor item of interest this achievement name is a nod to the catchphrase, "Just the facts, Ma’am" of sergeant joe friday, the lead character of the 1950s American police procedural TV drama series Dragnet.

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In a conference call friday, Pelosi told her House Democratic colleagues to stay focused on their "just the facts, ma’am,".

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Just the Facts, Ma’am Fake memoirs, factual fictions, and the history of history. By Jill Lepore modern history arose when the novel did, but novelists had their truths to claim.

The phrase, "Just the facts, ma’am," became misattributed to his character following a radio satire of Dragnet in 1953 by stan freberg. sgt. Friday never actually said "Just the facts, ma’am", but.

2-year and 3-year spread as a proxy for the "Fed funds futures" model recently advocated by some members of the regional Fed staff. Regular followers know that I prefer a “just the facts, ma’am”.

"Just the facts, ma’am" is a common catchphrase often attributed to Friday, or less often, to Stan Freberg’s works parodying Dragnet. But neither used the exact phrase. But neither used the exact phrase.

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In a conference call Friday, Pelosi told her House Democratic colleagues to stay focused on their "just the facts, ma’am".