Low Mortgage Delinquency Levels Stabilize Consumer Credit Market

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To be sure, delinquency rates on most consumer. on mortgage loans improved. The New York Fed also found that over the last six months, the number of credit inquiries to Equifax declined to 137.

The default rate for first mortgages now stands at a post-recession low, and the default rate for second mortgages is at the lowest level in its more than 8-year history, according to data from the.

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growing market share Managed risks coming into recession and addressed issues early in this credit cycle – which has improved our credit position and helped to stabilize our credit metrics recently WSFS will continue building its franchise value by taking advantage of dislocation in the local banking markets 5

In a recent webinar, we explored how the consumer credit market has. Despite low delinquency rates, the number of mortgage loans has hovered. quarter in a row of stabilization in the year-over-year delinquency rate.

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