Raccoon pictured ‘riding alligator’

2015-06-15  · It’s something you might expect to see in a Disney movie about friendly woodland creatures, but this shot of a raccoon riding an alligator is absolutely.

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The baby raccoon became distressed after getting tangled in the net (Picture: Caters News) A pair of animal rescuers saved the life of a baby raccoon that became distressed after getting itself.

A Florida photographer caught a shot of a raccoon riding on the back of an alligator. richard jones took this photo while he and his family were walking alon the Oklawaha River in the Ocala.

If it's not a weasel on a woodpecker, it's a raccoon on an alligator.. captured a photo yesterday of a raccoon that appears to be riding an alligator.. "I snapped a lucky picture right when the gator slipped into the water and.

First there was a weasel riding a woodpecker. Next was a raccoon riding an alligator. The latest: this photo of a crow hitching a ride on the back of a bald eagle. It was shot by California-based.

“Let’s cruise, baby!” – Florida man snaps picture of raccoon riding a gator: http://t.co/Y9WWzL2xvD via @WFTV pic.twitter.com/AR1E7ZTwZN That raccoon hopped aboard the alligator express! Snapped by.

A raccoon photographed riding the Tube has been identified as a "mischievous" 15-week-old called Olivia. Her animal trainer-owner Kimberly Unger contacted the BBC after spotting Olivia in a news story.

His son walked through some palm fronds to get a better picture when he startled a raccoon. The animal then scurried to the water and jumped on a nearby gator. Jones snapped the picture before the.

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Some cities have rat problems and some suburban areas have raccoon problems, but as we all know, the entire state of Florida seems to have an alligator problem, and this week, an alligator decided to.