Shadow inventory rocked by foreclosure snafu

In speaking to some of my friends and relatives who still live there, I learned that the state’s ongoing foreclosure glut has resulted in an interesting phenomenon — a "shadow" inventory of.

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and the uncertainty of when and how that shadow inventory will be released could be hobbling the housing recovery to some extent,” the report said. “States that have dealt with their foreclosures have.

The shadow inventory however is slightly different from the inventory just described above. The shadow inventory can best be defined as the homes that are very likely to be up for sale soon but are not right now. A majority of these homes that make the shadow inventory are homes that have been foreclosed.

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"Shadow inventory" in real estate refers to properties that are already foreclosed on and bank owned (REO.) Basically, any property that is foreclosed that will be on the market in the future, but not yet, is shadow inventory.

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Shadow Inventory in the D.C. Area Much of the discussion of the housing recovery has centered on the idea of a "shadow inventory of homes," those that are in serious delinquency or foreclosure and therefore are likely soon to be bank-owned. The shadow inventory is important because it is part of the excess

The Distressed Property Market and Shadow Inventory in Florida: Estimates and Analysis . Introduction . Florida was one of the states hardest hit by the real estate downturn. delinquencies, foreclosures and short sales have become a significant part of the real estate market in Florida.

However, a shadow inventory of distressed and foreclosed homes continue to be a drag on the market. "We are still seeing some houses going into foreclosure that are being forced into the market by the.

"The Mortgage Bankers Association noted in a Thursday report that a four-year low in serious mortgage delinquencies and a drop in the percentage of loans in foreclosure for the third quarter suggest fewer homes are part of the shadow inventory that’s always threatening prices and creating market uncertainty." This is great news.