Top 10 Scams Against the Elderly – Aging Wisely

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Those over the age of 65 are more likely to have lost money due to a financial scam than someone in their 40s. To help the elderly avoid becoming victims of fraud scams, it is important to understand why they are targets, what schemes and tactics are commonly used against them and how these schemes affect them.

Contents Top 10 scams targeting Cemetery scams 4. fraudulent Common financial scams emily st. john mandel 10. The ransom scam. This phone scam is very scary and usually targets seniors because scammers believe they can intimidate them and that older adults may not realize how technology can be used against them.

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7. Help Scams This is a scam that often confuses the elderly, as it causes them to panic and act without calmly considering the situation. A scam artist calls up the unsuspecting target, and with some basic information convinces the senior that he or she is a grandchild in a dire situation.

Seniors are an attractive target because some scams apply mainly to them, or because they’re more trusting or more prosperous. In this issue, we identify 10 of the most common senior citizen scams, together with the actions you can take to avoid them.

Top 10 Scams Targeting Seniors UF/IFAS Extension Page 2 The top 10 scams targeting seniors include (ncoa, 2013): 1. health care/medicare/health insurance fraud 2. Counterfeit Prescription Drugs 3. Funeral & Cemetery Scams 4. Fraudulent Anti-Aging Products 5. Telemarketing If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is 6.

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The Federal Trade Commission announced today a huge crackdown on the type of travel and timeshare resale scams I wrote about in December, when they showed up for the first time in the Top 10 Consumer.

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