Why Are Rocket Dockets No Longer Used In Foreclosure Cases?

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Foreclosure Lawsuits. Officials in numerous states are now investigating allegations of improper foreclosures against banks and, in some cases, other third parties. Meanwhile, homeowners have also filed foreclosure lawsuits, alleging banks used an unethical foreclosure process to.

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 · Making that call effectively closes the cases; though the judge doesn’t grant a visa or specific form of relief, the undocumented person is no longer in removal proceedings. The use of.

The bank is closing the foreclosure case in court (closing the docket). What does it mean for me? How can I retain my house?. The bank is closing the foreclosure case in cou. Q&A. Asked in Ocala, FL |. but you are no longer the owner of the house. If the case was dismissed for the time.

 · No matter the reason a homeowner goes into foreclosure, the process begins the same way: missed payments. Once the homeowner begins missing payments, they are no longer upholding their responsibilities of the loan and the lender can come to collect.

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Another notable "rocket docket" court involved Lee County, Florida , home of numerous foreclosure proceedings due to the collapse of the Florida housing market as a result of the financial crisis of 2007-2008. On some days, the court heard up to 1,000 cases per day; assuming an 8-hour day, this equates to less than 30 seconds per case.

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ACLU Suit to Bar Florida Foreclosure Rocket Docket Yesterday the ACLU filed a petition for a writ of prohibition in the Florida Court of Appeal, to enjoin the truncated procedures being used in Lee County to dispatch thousands of judicial foreclosure cases in Fort Myers.

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